Leadership Team


Rev. Andy Baker

Mount Pleasant's leadership team consists of 1 Minister and 6 Deacons.

Andy and his wife Julie came to Mount 
Pleasant in September 2022 having previously served churches in Downton and Reading.  

You can read more about Andy & Julie's return to Blackwood here

Rev. Andy's Induction


Church Deacons

The church deacons are: 

- Sandra Bray (Church Secretary) 
- Susan Steele (Church Treasurer) 
- Sue Thomas 
- Jeremy Steele 
- Tegwen Bullen 
- Linda Smith

A comment on the most important things in life, when you get to 'the bottom of things', there are only two things to do:-

Love God with everything you've got and love others as much as you can. 
Other things matter a lot, but not as much as this, according to Jesus.

See 1 above.